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Debordieu Beach Nourishment Project (Debidue Island, South Carolina)

Third Post-Dredge Benthic Infauna/Macrofaunal Data Analysis and Report Preparation

The community of Debordieu Beach in Georgetown County, Debidue Island, South Carolina, placed approximately 600,000 cubic yards of sand along more than 8,000 linear feet of beachfront on Debidue Island, South Carolina. The project was completed from February to April 2006. The sand was dredged with a hydraulic cutter head and a hopper dredge from a borrow site located approximately three miles off Debordieu Beach. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) required four surveys (one pre-nourishment and three post-nourishment) to monitor the recovery of the impacted ecosystems. The impacted ecosystems include the sandy beach and nearshore zone and softbottom habitat within the offshore borrow area.

Coastal Eco-Group, under contract to the Debordieu Colony Community Association, is conducting data analysis of the three-year post-construction benthic monitoring data and final report preparation in compliance with South Carolina DNR permit requirements.

The report summarizes the findings and analyses of the three-year post-construction macroinvertebrate/ infaunal monitoring and evaluates the short-term and potential long-term impacts to the these communities in the beach fill project area and offshore borrow area as a result of the beach nourishment project. The statistical software package, PRIMER-E v. 6, is being used to conduct the multivariate analyses of the benthic and sediment granulometry datasets.


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